Love your business, hate promoting it?

Does digital marketing do your head in? I can help you slay those digital demons!


I can show you how to: 


✔  reach the right people
✔  look spectacularly good
✔  earn more of that marvellous money stuff

Hello there, I'm Kate

Creator of captivating content, persuasive digital spaces and hopefully, your new best pal. I work with heritage and cultural destinations, special places, independent shops, hotels, restaurants, creative types, startups and more.

What I do

Think of Kate Wright Digital like a garage for your digital presence. I offer servicing, MOTs, mini health checks and all the parts you need to make your websites, social media and other digital things sparkle and shine. 

Good content matters

After years of being bombarded by stuff on multiple devices, we humans have become more selective about what we give our attention to.


Here’s what people are asking themselves when they land on your website, social media update or email:


  • is this what I’m looking for?
  • am I interested?
  • do I want to buy / share / visit this thing?

You’ve got roughly 7 seconds to convince people the answer is yes to all those questions.


So how are your digital store fronts looking? Boring? Incorrect? Messy? Not even there at all? We probably need to talk. 


5 easy ways to get more enquiries for your business

You’ve got the great website, you’re working your backside off on social media, you're google adverting all over the place but...

What is digital marketing?

You’ve probably heard of digital marketing. You probably know you should be doing some. But let me just start by saying it’s ok that you do not know the answer to this question.