Digital marketing services

I empower people and businesses daunted by digital marketing to discover new ways to promote themselves online, engage with the right people and reach their goals. 


For those who don’t have the time or inclination to touch digital marketing with a barge pole, I’m your sassy superhero, slaying the internet and making your life more joyous with every click of my mouse. 

Website services

From whizzy website content to complete transformations, I’ve got the smarts to sort your website right out. 

SEO services

Fed up of not being found on Google by the people who are searching for the very thing you provide? Help is at hand.

Social media services

Social media got you scratching your head? I’ve got solutions to all your social media struggles.  

Email marketing services

Does email marketing give you night sweats? I can bibbidi bobbidi boo the whole thing for you!

Digital project management

From websites and apps to videos and events. I can manage your online project from concept to completion.


Want a more holistic approach to your digital marketing? These packages will give you more bang for your buck.


Learn how to be brilliant online from a digital professional.