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I’ve been in the business of storytelling for over 15 years. In that time, I’ve worked for some of the biggest names in media and publishing including Hearst Digital, Virgin Media, Conde Nast and Penguin Books.

My baptism into the world of media began with a rather bonkers job at Handbag.com

Handbag was one the world’s first (and biggest) online only women’s magazines, generating over 30 million page impressions a month.

There I found myself writing about everything from the hottest places to eat to oddly-shaped celebrity teeth.

One minute I’d be rubbing shoulders (and feeling very out of place) with all sorts of sweetie darlings. The next I’d be (feeling very much at home) bribing reticent rock stars to talk to me using Kinder eggs.

Cool things I've worked on


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Virgin TV Go

It looks a little different these days
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Penguin Books

Happiness is a website about books
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Things got a bit more serious when I moved to Virgin Media. There I was a Senior Digital Editor and in charge of everything TV-related on their website.

Fun fact: On my first day I walked face-first into Richard Branson’s chest as I was coming out of a lift. I’d like to say I made the best of it by saying something cool or amusing, but I did not. It was all very awkward.

In spite of this, I managed to thrive there for several years, working on all sorts of exciting projects like virtual TV awards, bringing TiVo to the UK and the launch of Virgin TV Go.

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In 2014 I made the excellent decision to quit my job and go travelling. I spent the next year and a half adventuring around Latin America.

For 7 months I Land Rovered all over Costa Rica and Nicaragua taking photographs for a charity called Raleigh International.

I also spent some time managing an animal sanctuary in a desert, which was every bit as mad as it sounds. The desert was in north Peru and there I lived with 40 cats, 11 dogs and 2 tortoises for company. 

In total I visited 12 countries, ate 1 Guinea pig, climbed 9 mountains and 5 volcanos, learned how to play polo, speak Spanish and fire a lethal weapon. I also spent my life savings. It was worth it.



Expedition with Raleigh International
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Baby sitting an animal sanctuary
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Climbing the Pan de Azúcar, El Cocuy
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When I returned to the UK, I spent some time freelancing.

Stand out projects included a stint with Glamour magazine as their Social Media Manager, and a gig helping Penguin Books with a huge website migration.

Later, I restyled myself as a digital marketer, first for award-winning not for profit Inspira and later, PR and digital marketing agency One Little Bird.

In 2019 I began to develop the idea of starting my own company, et voila, Kate Wright Digital was born.

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Where are you now?

These days I live in Carlisle in the beautiful county of Cumbria.  

I still enjoy hopping off around the world but I’m just as happy launching myself up fells with a big flask of tea and a packet of Hobnobs.

At this juncture I used to say, “follow me on Instagram for a heady glimpse behind the curtain” but I never have time to do my own marketing. So here’s a nice Insta-worthy photo of me you can look at instead. Lovely.