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Social media got you scratching your head? I’ll come up with solutions to all your social media struggles quicker than you can say a quick thing.

Got a campaign or an event coming up that you want to promote on social in a really engaging way? I’ll come up with a plan, create and upload the content for you for the duration, and provide you with a report on how it went. 

Ready for your social media debut? I’ll get you set up on the best social media platforms for your business, make sure your profiles are pukka and you’re following all the right accounts. I’ll also set you up with your first fortnight of social media posts to give you the best possible start.

Have you been managing your own social media for a while but not sure if you’re doing it right? Would you like some handy hints and tips from a pro about how to make it better? This is perfect for you. 

Over 3 months, I’ll provide you with 3 easy to read reports that give you a good insight into how you’re doing, including:

✔  the topline figures you really need to know

✔  feedback on what you’re doing well

✔  easy to follow hints and tips about how to make your social media even better

I’ll check over each of your social media accounts to identify any issues. I’ll examine your profile information, branding, content and analytics. You’ll receive a report on your social media’s health and an action plan including:

✔  advisory issues for you to monitor or fix in the future
✔  major issues that require your attention

Together we’ll discuss your options and agree on next steps. This could include things like:

✔  refreshing your profile information and imagery
✔  making sure your followers and following are both strong
✔  removing poor quality posts
✔  creating you 2 weeks worth of social media posts
✔  training on how to best maintain your social media accounts

Want to get your business on social media or get more out of your existing social media accounts? I can put together a social media strategy to help you:


✔  increase awareness of your brand

✔  create a loyal and engaged online community

✔  drive website visits, enquiries and sales to your business


This service includes:

  • Competitor analysis to help you understand the industry landscape and your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.
  • Interviews with your company’s stakeholders to identify their needs and objectives for social media.
  • A review of your target audience to help you understand their needs and the best way to interact with them.
  • Your social media strategy will include all of my research and analysis and an action plan for each of your social media profiles, including a content plan and tips on how to develop and maintain your social media community.

I can provide social media management cover if you have a member of staff who’s on holiday or off sick. All you need to do is grant me access to your social accounts and leave the rest to me. Your socials will be in safe hands!

Want to have a go at social media advertising but not sure how? Let me know your advertising goals, budget and customer demographics and I’ll place the ads for you – making sure your ads say the right thing and reach the right people. 

Have you got a bunch of social media channels that you have no idea what to do with? From learning how to create posts, to understanding how to interact with other accounts. I can create simple step by step guides to take you through whatever unknown you’re facing. You’ll never be afraid of social media again. 

How to guides not enough? Afraid you’ll do something weird or wrong and everyone will laugh at you? I can help. My social media training sessions for individuals and groups will help you solve the riddle of social media and give you the confidence to post, share, follow and interact like a pro. Get in touch for a chat to and I’ll tailor a training session just for you.  

Free social media health check

Get a bite-sized taste of my social media services with a free mini health check. I’ll give one of your social media channels a quick look over and let you know about any glaring issues with: 

✔  how much you’re posting

✔  the quality of your posts

✔  tone of voice

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